Leucoderma in literal term means white skin; it is a chronic disorder of the skin where the skin stops producing pigments that color the skin. As a result white patches appear randomly at different locations on the skin. These patches are usually milky white in color and as the time passes may increase in number and size. Leucoderma is not a medical term. It is only a substitute name for vitiligo. Vitiligo is a more common name for this disease in the western world where as in Asia leucoderma and Bars are used more. The Skin is colored in different shades of brown due to a pigment called melanin. Special cells called melanocytes are responsible for the production of melanin. Sometimes, for reasons dubious, the melanocytes stop producing melanin which results in white skin patches.

There are many traditions and explanations by The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his infallible successors as to why this happens and all of these explanations have been proven to be the real causes of this disease. They also explained confirmed food cure for leucoderma which is still incurable and the exact cause of the disease is still unknown in medical science.

About 0.5% to 2% of the world’s population currently suffers from leucoderma. Leucoderma is a contagious disease according to the divine knowledge of infallible successors to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Imam Jaffar-e-Sadiq Alaihis Salam The 6th infallible successor to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said “keep away from such a person suffering from leprosy or leucoderma (vitiligo), don’t glance at him/her from time to time and be far away from a leper or a person suffering from leucoderma (vitiligo) and never live with such a person as it is a contagious disease.” The Imam (peace be upon him) further said that “matrimony is revocable in cases of insanity, cystocele, leprosy and leucoderma (vitiligo).” So one can be affected by being around another person having it. Patients suffering from leucoderma often are not accepted well in the social world. This often results in the patients suffering from depressive disorders.

A man, as goes the incident, was suffering from leucoderma due to which his whole body and face was covered with white patches. He felt obviously fed up with his life and was very miserable. Abu Ali Fehri after listening to all this told him to go to The Imam Ali Naqi Alahis Salam The 10th infallible successor to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) by whose prayer he would get cured completely. So this man went and sat on the path by which The Imam would pass by. Presently, he saw The Imam coming and he got up to go near the Imam and greet him. The Imam saw him coming and told him from a distance, “Do not come near, Allah will cure you”. The Imam repeated this sentence thrice and the man dared not go near the Imam.

He came back to Fehri and told him all that had occurred. Abu Ali Fehri said, “The Imam has listened to your prayer and cured you, go home now and you shall be cured.” The man went home and the next morning he got up, there was not a trace of the disease, he was completely cured !!!


As mentioned above, the cause and cure for leucoderma is still not very clear in medical science. However some theories are present and are as follows The first and most supported theory is autoimmune. In this case, the bodies self defense mechanism mistakes the melanocytes as foreign particles and destroys them thus putting melanin production to a halt. There is evidence that points towards this theory and tests are being carried out to determine if this is accurate and how to stop this.

The second theory suggests that the oxidant-antioxidant system of the body is, for an unknown reason, disturbed resulting in loss of melanocytes. A third theory is more based on statistical data than research. Statistics suggest that if a parent has leucoderma, his/her child will have a higher risk of having leucoderma than the rest of the population. So this theory suggests that a genetic factor is present in the causes of this disease. A fourth theory suggests that leucoderma is a direct cause of nerve damage. This can also be true as in a type of leucoderma called as segmental vitiligo, the areas of skin affected are often the areas in contact with the dorsal root of the spinal cord.

The Last Messenger of Almighty God, The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said “these are the causes you may be affected by leprosy and leucoderma (vitiligo), Eating after you are full, having intercourse during menstruation, taking shower or bath with sun heated water and eating after intercourse without taking shower.”

The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said “keep away from five types of people, and one of them is a person suffering from leucoderma (vitiligo).”

The Last Messenger of Almighty God The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said ” if a woman conceives during menses she would give birth to a child suffering from leucoderma or vitiligo.”

Imam Jaffar-e-Sadiq Alaihis Salam The 6th infallible successor to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said “eating the fish in night without honey causes Leucoderma or vitiligo”. He (peace be upon him) did not allow his followers to eat the fish in night and advised to use honey in case you ever happen to eat the fish in night to avoid paralysis and leucoderma. Imam (peace be upon him) further said that “Indeed The Honorable The Exalted Almighty God protects our followers from six characteristics: insanity, leprosy, vitiligo, being born out of adultery, having a child born out of adultery, and begging from the people.”

Imam Ali Raza Alaihis Salam The 8th infallible successor to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said ” taking the wine of grapes and dates with milk at the same time causes rheumatic pains and leucoderma.”

Treatments in Medical Science.

For medical science It has been very hard to find a proper cure for a disease, the reason to which is still unknown. There are so many leucoderma treatments but none of them are proven 100% successful except the most natural food cure suggested by Imam Jaffar-e-Sadiq Alaihis Salam The 6th infallible successor to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

Using colored creams and tanning creams to hide the patches of skin is a more common method. This hides the patches but requires a lot of time to apply the creams and the drawback is that, it doesnt prevent more spots from appearing.

Steroid creams are also very commonly used. Steroid affects the immune system of the body by weakening it. So when a steroid cream is applied to the skin, the antibodies in the skin are weakened and they stop attacking the melanocytes and melanin production is resumed. It is to be noted that this treatment does not guarantee that the patches will not appear again. Also, steroid creams cannot be used continuously for as long as one wishes to use them. Steroids have serious side-effects which include permanent thinning of the skin and appearance of stretch marks on area of application, which are also permanent. Steroid creams also make the skin less resistant to infections.

A more advanced but complicated method is giving specific medicinal drugs and expose patient to ultra violet light in special UV radiation chambers. This cause serious sunburns and skin freckling. Also it is very time consuming and once again, doesn’t guarantee results.

Even after the very extensive scientific research, the treatments of leucoderma are still very scarce and have not been proven to work for a majority of people in medical science The best patients can do is hide these marks with colored creams but it is to be noted, this only hides these marks and doesn’t stop more patches of white skin from appearing.

Whatever the reason maybe, patients who are dismayed and have lost hope as to the cure of leucoderma need not worry. The true universal saviours of the mankind the infallible successors to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) have suggested a food cure of this disease which is the easiest, most natural, most effective, most perfect and permanent cure which medical science could not discover so far, you can try and see its amazing results.

Imam Jaffar-e-Sadiq Alaihis Salam The 6th infallible successor to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said ” Eating beetroots cooked with beef cures leucoderma (vitiligo).”

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  1. Arold Moor Abidi says:

    It is really helpful web. The cures of heart and hypertension I used and now I am Not taking any pills since more than six month.
    Thanks to Dr Zaair.

  2. Babu KJose says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Please advise many times we should take beetroot in beef for vitligo daily.
    Also is there any miracle remedy for Diabetes?

    Thanks& Regards ,
    Babu K Jose

    • Take at least once in a day regularly beetroots cooked with beef, a regular and continuous use for three months will show you the result. There is no miracle remedy, but taking Arnica 6 a homeopathic medicine three drops in a cup of water twice a day is very beneficial for diabetics, it is anti aging, pain killer, blood thinner, lowers the elevated sugar level, heals the wounds in diabetics, cures the erectyle disfunctions, etc etc, you can use it for long.

  3. Adnan ahmed says:

    im patient leucoderma vilitiligo so plz help me

  4. Jamshaid Khan Barki says:

    Thanx for providing us with such a great knowledge of Aal e Rasool alehim salam. Dr sahib may almighty bless you for your great job. Amen

  5. syed h kazim says:

    Allah aap ko iss karekhair ki jaza de,

  6. Dr Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi says:

    I have presented a well experienced and natural cure for you, still you need help?

  7. fahima says:

    should i get the treatment of leucoderma or it will spread more after doing the treatment or medication

    • fahima says:

      please let me know which treatment or which doctor should i consult

    • fahima says:

      plz let me know which doctor or which treatment should i do I stay in Baroda

    • yogesh says:

      If u have leucoderma in small area then u can use amimi visnaga mother tincture .
      It is hoemyopathic medicien.
      Use cotton to apply on marks as well use 3-4 drops in 10 ml water & drink it thrice day.with a 15 minutes gap before & after having this, no eat no drink during 15 minutes.

  8. Dr Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi says:

    You can start the treatment and dont worry, It never spreads, you will see disappearing your all spots after two months.

  9. Dr Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi says:

    Fahima no biopsy or blood test is helpful, there is no treatment for leucoderma in Allopathy, dont waste your time, start the food cure i told you and you will the results within three month.

  10. Nazia says:

    i m a patient of leukoderma from one year and i have one kid of three years old can u tell me Is he have a chance of having this disease from me plz do reply me thanx

    • Gerrard says:

      Dear Doctor,
      Please let me know the ratio of beet root & beef.Is it 50:50?
      Can we add salt/pepper,masala etc for cooking it?
      I am suffering from fungus infection in the top part of the thighs.The itching becomes too much during summer .Please give a remedy for the same.

  11. nida says:

    I have been suffering from vitiligo since childhood and now i am 28 yrs and i have started with phototherepy since last 5months and it has really worked but none of the patch has completely recovered and theres no guarantee of complete cure and patches may reappear as wel …so pleasetell me what shud i do …do i need to take beet root n beef everyday once or twice would be of great help

  12. Inam Choudhary says:

    Dr Sahab…
    Jazakallah for this noble cause on humanity by the medicines suggested in Islam

  13. Inam Choudhary says:

    One more thing to ask for leucoderma…..beef means buffalo meat or of cow????Pls shade some light

  14. S.Z.H.Rizvi says:

    Nida you have to use this food cure once daily and continuously for 3 months, you will be okay.

  15. S.Z.H.Rizvi says:


  16. S.Z.H.Rizvi says:

    Thanks Chaudhary Sahab, remember me in your prayers.

  17. nida says:

    Thanku doctor sahab so vry much ..i hope it works bcoz i am really very upset bcoz of vitiligo…may allah bless u …

  18. nida says:

    My mother is having severe problem in her knees sh is not able to walk even …is there any remedy for this problem ….plz help

  19. S.Z.H.Rizvi says:

    Nida i cant advise you unless i find the details.

  20. nida says:

    Asalaam doctor sahab according to my mothers x ray reports osteoarthritic changes are seen in the knees with formation of osteophytes.Degenerative changes are also seen in patello femoral joints

  21. S.Z.H.Rizvi says:

    Stop prescribed drugs, use 3 drops of Homeopathic Medicine (ARGENTUM MET 6)in a glass of water twice a day for three months and report back.

  22. nida says:

    Thankuu so much …doc has adviced her physiotherapy and sh has started with it …

  23. raji says:

    Hi I had vitiligo from 3 years old. Now i am 27 it was stopped spreading. And cured some what. But now i am gettigns a white patch, I dont no wheather it is vitiligo or some allergies to medicine. will vitiligo start spreading again? Can any one help me.

  24. nida says:

    Can i eat fish ..bcoz many people say fish shud b avoided in vitiligo..and what else shud b avoided

  25. S.Z.H.Rizvi says:

    Fish should always be avoided in night. avoid all other prescribed drugs for vitiligo.

  26. nida says:

    Thanku so much …may allah bless u with good health …

  27. navira jawed says:

    salam. i am taking homeopathic medicine and the doctor has forbidden me to eat beef.. please help me by answering. should i take it or just continue my homeopathic medicine ?? but my medicine is not curing me.. please do reply sir..

  28. S.Z.H.Rizvi says:

    Stick to one, homeopathic treatment or this food cure.

  29. Muzammel says:


    can you please advise the quantity of beef+ beet root we need to take daily. Also what should be hte ratio?

    Would really appreicate your responce so that i may start immediately witht the cure


  30. nida says:

    Asalaam doctor …my mother needs to loose weight as she is having problem in knees for that her weight should not exceed 60 kgs bt sh is 70kgz although she is on dieting eats salads bt its not working ……plz help

  31. Dr Zaair Husain Rizvi says:

    W Salam
    you should use it once everyday, it does not matter how much you take it.

  32. nida says:

    Asalam i had asked for weight loss remedy for my mother ….plz help

  33. muhammadsaadhamid says:


  34. Zaair Husain Rizvi says:

    eating everyday at least 50 grams Natural cheese, eating fish ( not in night ) , avoiding fatty foods and walking is a way to reduce your weight.

  35. muhammad saad says:


  36. nida says:

    Asalam i have started food cure for vitiligo since 15days bt thrs no improvement besides i could find some white patches appearing on my face…..i am very upset please please help..

  37. saad says:

    @nida… I am also suffering from vitiligo and had also using food cure since 3 days let see what will happened … May Allah cure all of us… Be patient and use this food cure for 3 months non-stop . i will also do the same …

  38. saad says:

    I also request to all vitiligo sufferrers here who have been started to follow the treatment of food cure ( I.e beetroot with beef) plz update your current conditions (any improvement) etc

  39. nida says:

    @saad ..i hope it will work insha allah …i dnt use it non stop bt…n my vitiligo is still spreading although vry slowly bt it is active and this is worrying me…i am too tensed n deprressed ….may allah have mercy on evryone who is suffering from this disease..ameen

  40. nida says:

    Asalam doctor sahab i hav been using food cure since 15 days …bt some new spots hav appeared on my face …what shud i do ..plzzz help

  41. Gerrard says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Please advice the ratio of beet root & beef.Can we add spices/masala etc for cooking the same.

  42. shivani says:

    dear dr sahab pls tell me is there any other option of beef?

  43. nida says:

    Asalam doctor …m taking beef and beet root continuously bt nw my stomach is getting very upset …can i stop taking it for a few days and thn start again..or it is mandatory to tke it without any break

    • Zaair Husain Rizvi says:

      Nida, taking the beef & beetroots does not mean that you take it 3 times a day, you can take it once only, hope this way you will be feeling well. dont stop it.

  44. shazia says:

    Asalam doctor sahab I am sixth months pregnant and I am suffering from gestational diabetes and doctor has prescribed me to take five to seven units of insulin twice a it safe or not I m really worried please help….

    • S.Z.H.Rizvi says:

      W Salam
      Shazia i dont know the details of your case so i cant comment, Click Contact on the maing page to see my mumber and let me know the details.

  45. nida says:

    Asalam doctor thankyou so much for the reply..i jus take beet root n beef once a day yet my stomach is badly getting upset ..i just dnt knw wt should i do…

  46. nida says:

    Can i please get yor email that i could exactly tell the problem .

  47. Faiza says:

    Salam doctor
    I hav been to many doctors but every one advised not to eat beef bc it will increase the vitiligo i m so confused whether i eat this or not i drink juice of beet root everyday but nothing work how much the quantity i hav to take i mean eat this as a whole meal or only 2,3 table spoon n one beet root with how much beef?? Can i make more n keep in a freezer n eat everyday or i hav to make fresh?? Plz reply soon doctor i wll be very thankful:)

  48. Faiza says:

    Salam Dr plz reply i m waiting for ur reply

  49. S.Z.H.Rizvi says:

    W Salam, You have to cook the two together and take it at least once everyday, not separately and it does not increase the vitiligo so you should not be confused.

  50. navira jawed says:

    Salam, i have been taking this food cure since 2 and a half months but i see no improvement.. please help..

  51. nida says:

    Asalam even i have been taking food cure since three months now …bt no improvement yet

  52. navira jawed says:

    its been more than three months now and i see no improvement.

  53. rubina rehman. says:

    can turnips b taken instead of beef…n the effect wil b the same?plz reply…soon.

  54. Delwar says:

    I’m sorry I mean no disrespect but this is from a shia hadeeth, I find it extremely hard to believe this is authentic.

    The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH did mention “black seed oil is the cure for every disease except death”) SubhanAllah.

    [Sahih Muslim : Book 26 Kitab As-Salam, Number 5489]

  55. Nadeem says:

    Hi can i eat fish if i have vertiligo

  56. Nadeem says:

    Slms DR has this beetroot and beef treatment cured many vertiligo patients

  57. farhat says:

    Assalam alaikum dr i am suffuring from vitiligo at yrs three please suggest me any home remedie for curing my vitiligo plz

  58. mustafa says:

    Vitiligo and Whiteness of the Eyes

    It is narrated from Abu Abdillah (a.s.) that he said: Purify yourself and pray two units of prayer and say:

    Yaa allaahu yaa rah’maanu yaa rah’eemu yaa saamia’l as’waat. Yaa mu’t’iyal khairaati aa’t’inee khairad dunyaa wal aakhirati waqinee sharrad dunyaa wal aakhirati wa adh-hib a’nnee maa ajidu faqad ghaaz”anil amru wa ah’zananee.

    O Allah, O Merciful, O Compassionate, O All-hearing, O Hearer of supplications, O Bestower of blessings. Grant me the good of this world and the next, and protect me from the evil of this world and the evil of the next world, and remove from me my suffering, for the affair has vexed me and grieved me…………….and beet root and beef maula said then 100% cure is there dont loose hope

  59. Dorothea MacLean says:

    My Name is. Dorothea,I am 76 years old in November,I have had Leucoderma since 1903.
    Lucky enough people do not run away from me,but no one that I mix with got Leucoderma thank GOD.
    I am the one to catch one pain from others,not other catch anything from me so far thank GOD to that too.
    I can’t keep away from people because they are not well,GOD is not that way, I want to at times but my inside does not permit me, Yours faithfully Dorothea MacLean.

  60. iam Shaik AtaurRehman suffering from leucoderma since past 15years slowly growing patches from leg to chest and know on lips please tell me what should i have to do sir?

  61. parvin says:

    Assalamolaykum Dr,
    My daughter is 7 years old. She have vitiligo started when she was 2 year old. Now its spreading on her knees, feet, hands,chin, back and in scalp but no gray hair .. I have tried lot of different allopathic medicines but there is no any improvement , i think it gets worse after applying creams and ointments.
    Please help me what can i give her to eat more so without any medication it stops spreading on her body. Just i want that it stops spreading.
    I have read that vitiligo patients should avoid red meat. So is it ok to give her beetroot and beef as you said. If yes then give me ratio . can i add some spices to it .
    What should be her diet? What food she should Avoid?
    If she can take any suppliment like vitamins & minerals then let me know which vitamin she should intake.
    please reply me with full details on what to eat more and what should avoid. and how long she need to take suppliments or any diet?
    Zazakallah Khair

  62. It’s an amazing piece of writing in support of all the web viewers; they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.

  63. SABIR IMAM says:

    As-salamu alaykum

    Dr Shaab Meri wife ko 2012 say vitiligo hai aur ish waqt woh Dr Kabra ka medicine lay rahi hai lekin 2 saal say koi farkh nazar nahi araha hai, Ish bemari ko ley kar woh kabhi kabhi bahut rooti hai aur kahein jaati bhi nahi hai. lekin mein usko hamesha samjhata hoon k Allah saab thik kar dey ga.
    Meharbani kar k aap koi mashwarah dein.

    As salamu alaykum

  64. mohsin khan says:

    assalam walekum

    i have a vitiligo on my knees from past 5-6 years.. i consult many dr bt i dint notice any result..

    Please consult what should i eat… as i am realy damn worried…

    Allah hafiz

  65. Imran Yamin says:

    Respected Dr sahib: Sir kindly advise me . Thank a lot
    – My Name is Imran Yamin
    – Age 28 Year
    – Height 5′ 7″
    – Weight 70-75
    – Sex Male
    – White Patches appear on the body like hands, face, feet, legs, neck, and chest etc.Picture of affected parts are attached.
    – Color of the white patches are Redish, if I stay long time in the sunlight then I feel sensation on affected parts.
    – Color of the hair on affected parts are natural black (No Change)
    – My white Patches are 09 years old, initially these were minor but after I got married in 2011 , patches became prominent.
    – Aunt relative is affected with this disease, other than there is no such a case in my family.
    – I like Sweet and Sour.
    – I have used following medicines:-
    Allopathic medicines:- Clobevate Cream -Syrup Lederplex Neurobion, Cyclocort Cream and Becozin Tablets.
    Herble medicines:- Two spoons of a powder shape herble medicine in water and putting it under the open sky. So that dew may also drop in the dame pot and take this medicines daily early in the morning before brake fast till last one year (2013).
    – No any other disease.

    *Best Regards*


    – My Name is Imran Yamin
    – Age 28 Year
    – Height 5′ 7″
    – Weight 70-75
    – Sex Male
    – White Patches appear on the body like hands, face, feet, legs, neck, and chest etc.Picture of affected parts are attached.
    – Color of the white patches are Redish, if I stay long time in the sunlight then I feel sensation on affected parts.
    – Color of the hair on affected parts are natural black (No Change)
    – My white Patches are 09 years old, initially these were minor but after I got married in 2011 , patches became prominent.
    – Aunt relative is affected with this disease, other than there is no such a case in my family.
    – I like Sweet and Sour.
    – I have used following medicines:-
    Allopathic medicines:- Clobevate Cream -Syrup Lederplex Neurobion, Cyclocort Cream and Becozin Tablets.
    Herble medicines:- Two spoons of a powder shape herble medicine in water and putting it under the open sky. So that dew may also drop in the dame pot and take this medicines daily early in the morning before brake fast till last one year (2013).
    – No any other disease.

    *Best Regards*

    College of E&ME,NUST

  66. sunil sharma says:

    i’ve suffering from Hidradenitis- suppurativa disease.there is no 100% successful treatment in the world sir pls. suggest me the treatment I’m really in big suffering it’s a hell what I facing day by day.
    with regards

  67. sunil sharma says:

    pls. tell about treatment of H.S.

  68. ajay says:

    I am vegetarian and suffering from lucoderma (white patch) on my head. Please help me

  69. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but
    after browsing through many of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m definitely happy I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and
    checking back frequently!

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