HYPERTENSION (High Blood Pressure) BYE BYE


Blood pressure is the force of your blood against the walls of your arteries. It is recorded as two numbers, the systolic pressure (as the heart beats) and the diastolic pressure (when your heart relaxes between the beats). The measurement is written one above or before the other, with the systolic number on top and the diastolic number on the bottom. For example, a blood pressure measurement of 120/80 mmHg (millimeters of mercury, a chemical element having symbol of Hg) is expressed verbally as “120 over 80.” High blood pressure is a silent killer which increases your risk for getting heart disease and/or kidney disease leading to complete failure of your kindneys (Renal Failure) or having a stroke.

It is especially dangerous because it often has no warning signs or symptoms. Regardless of race, age, gender and area, anyone can develop high blood pressure, it is estimated that one in every ten pakistani has high blood pressure, once high blood pressure is developed, it usually lasts a lifetime and it like many other life time diseases opens the door of permanent life time business for pharmaceutical companies and medical practitioners, and unfortunately there is no permanent medicinal cure of this silent killer.

It may be remembered that unlike Allopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and other alternative medicine, The Islamic Medicine is a divine medicine based on revelation and God gifted knowledge of The Holy Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (peace be upon him) and his Twelve Successors which does not need any hypothesis, experimentation and observation and thus it is the only true code of healing for all the medical practitioners and an easy and decisive cure for the sick humanity.

Hulyatul Muttaqeen narrates that Imam Moosa Kaazim Alahis Salam, The 7th Successor to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), said “Prunes (dried plums or aalu bukhara in urdu) cures your blood pressure and relieves your body pains while fresh plums (aalucha) cures your fever and jaundice”.

My goal was to find a quick, easy cheaper and decisive cure for hypertension so I tried an experiment on a female patient and i advised her to take five prunes (dried plums or aalu bukhara in urdu), soak them overnight in a glass of water, separate their seeds in the morning and eat all the five seedless prunes before or after breakfast along with the water the prunes were soaked in, the blood pressure magically dropped to normal within minutes, it was an amazing result, I continued my experiments for several months on hundreds of patients and they were all shocked to find such a simple, cheaper, easy and miracle cure provided by Imam Moosa Kazim Alahis Salam The 7th Successor to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), which is not only free from all side effects but it is full of side benefits, hypertensive patients reported many side benefits during the treatment and no adverse effects have been reported so far, and thus it was the discovery of true natural cure of Hypertension and it works wonder.

Although i adopted a different method but consuming five prunes everyday at a time is the simple way to cure your hypertension and you cannot get the same results by fresh plums, blackish prunes (dried plums) proved to be more effective than others, not only it normalizes your blood pressure it lowers your elevated sugar level, minimizes general body pains, burns your extra fat, aids and eases your digestion, normalizes your appetite, cures your constipation, relieves your hiccough, nausea, vomiting, and removes your all wrinkles.

Imam Jaffar-e-Sadiq Alaihis Salam The 6th Successor to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) has suggested two more items to obtain even faster and durable results by using Lettuce and Sattoo (ground powder of roasted cereals like barley, rice, jowar and wheat etc, 2/3 table spoon powder is dissolved in a glass of water and consumed along with ground Jagger, sugar or honey) besides a daily use of one table spoon of sesame oil orally or using it as cooking oil will decreases your LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases your HDL (good cholesterol) protects your arteries from hardening and improves your circulation thus it is an ideal oil for cardiac and hypertensive patients. Stay healthy limiting your amount of salt, quiting the smoking, eating a heart-healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, reducing your extra weight (if you are overweight) avoiding alcohol and a regular walking.

Once you try this natural miracle cure, quit all the prescribed medicines otherwise it may lower your blood pressure, taking life time drugs itself creates unnecessary life time harmful side effects, i quote here for you a saying of Imam Ali Alaihis Salam The Successor to The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) “Medicine does to the body what soap does to the clothes. It cleans them but wears them out” so avoid unnecessary medication. I have revealed the hidden secret natural cure for your hypertension which is cheaper, more effective, more permanent and more natural than any other, the taste of prunes may not be pleasant for some but the result is pleasant for all.

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34 Responses to HYPERTENSION (High Blood Pressure) BYE BYE

  1. Salam,
    Masha allah , good job, may allah reward you for this good work. its need more material and best webdesigning. please get some other momneen to add stuff and more advertisement.
    May Allah protect all Shia Muslims from Kufar and Monafqeen
    Allah Hafiz

  2. Syed Tauqeer says:

    Dr. Sahib Tasleem,
    Quite interesting article but don’t you think you need more details to add up like major causes of hypertension and you mentioned very briefly about life style. I mean you need to say more about stress, exercise and diet. Normally people think if they do “this and this” then everything will be all-right.
    It is same as there is Hadees who says “Shahada” will go to ‘Janah” but this is not simple as it sounds “certainly there are conditions which needs to fulfill” to entitled yourself for “Janah”.
    So in my opinion this rule applies to Imams’s suggestions as well to cure any sickness.
    On the other hand, it will be more acceptable if there are more scientific evidences with these “suggestions”, so people like me,who live in “west” can spread this knowledge to their non-muslims friends, Muslmanoo.n Nay Tu Manana Nahe Hai:) as there is “Saying of Masoom” when you introduce us to people who don’t know us, tell them about our words (sayings)”.
    However being a “Muhib-e-AhlulBait” (I don’t say myself “Shia” <who follow on foot steps of his/her Master) because it is very big word for a sinner like me) there is no doubt on their divine knowledge but we all know only "Quran" is safe from intentional changes, otherwise something somehow change everywhere.
    Hopefully you will take comments with open heart, anyway Insha-Allah soon I will try this tip (Prunes) on myself.



  4. satyanarayanan says:

    dear doctor,i am from india and i read your blog on natures cure of common problems.I want to try the method of yours for normalising B.P and chlotrol.you have written about use of satto and leuttuce for hyper tension. Can you ,SIR, little more details of preparation sothat I can try it for myself.I am taking BP tablet olmighty daily.If i succeed it will be the best blessings of the Dr.Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi. inthis World.

  5. satyanarayanan says:

    dear sir , what is your recommendation for joint pains and calf muscle pains.thanks.

  6. Jafar says:

    Please dr.Saab mujhe kidney failure ka nusqa bataaeye, Mai pareshaani ki halat mein hoon, mera email Id. waseemquereshi@gmail.com hai please is par aage mail kijiye.

  7. Fayyaz says:

    Salam Dr. Syed Zaair,

    If you please guide some cure from tib-e-masoomeen (a.s.) or from Homeopathic for Headaches which relates or not relates with Hypertension BP…

    May GOD behaqe Chardaae Masoomeen (a.s) blessed you for all of your efforts..

    Iltemase Dua,

  8. Saeed says:

    Dr Sb Asalamoalikum,

    I have been using your mentioned procedure of five dried prunes for about two weeks but still my BP is around 140/90….my age is 32 and my weight is 71Kg…is there anything wrong for the that I am doing ? Please advise…

    • Fayyaz says:

      Dear Mr. Saeed,

      I am from Karachi.

      Where you have find dried prunes as I have bought some prunes but they were not dried they were sticky pack in a plastic packet.

      Can you guide me?

  9. Z.H.Rizvi says:

    Mr Saeed Continue the same for six months you will be cured.

    • Saeed Ahmed says:

      Dr Sb, I have been using the dried prunes for more than six months now and I have stopped using the medicines for the last 3 weeks and my BP is around 130/70 nowadays. Should I continue with the prunes or can stop using it. JazakAllah Khairan…


  10. S.Z.H.Rizvi says:

    The sticky pack in plastic packet are called dried prunes.

  11. Gerrard says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am diabetic patient,My fasting blood sugar is 118 & post prandial blood sugar is 154.i am taking cetapin xr daily for diabetes.My total cholestrol is 187 ,Triglyceride 224 & VLDL is 45.What medicine should I take for reducing triglyceride & VLDL

  12. Gerrard says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am waiting for the reply on cholesterol.Please advice

    Thanks & Regards,

  13. My age is 35 years, i am suffering in High Blood Pressure since 6 months, please give me BP bye bye solution.

    Thanks & Regards

  14. Harish says:

    DoctorSahib, I am diabetic with HBP and had got done angioplasty 2 year back. Now I have developed enlarged prostate,taking allopathic medicines which are very strong and have side effects. I will try prunes for HBP which i read just now. Please advice remedy for enlarged prostate.
    Thanks & Regards
    Harish, Dubai

    • Mohammed I. Ali Shahid says:

      I am a diabetic since 2001 and on insulin from 2004 ! I have high BP since 1991. I have a stent inserted in one artery in 2010. Of late, I have kidney disfunctioning and on August 28, 2014, my 24 hour urine was tested for urinary protein with a value of 4.3 gm/day & serum creatinine of 2.1mg/dl …..
      I have severe headache daily with BP readings hovering around 180 for systolic and 105 for diastolic !
      HDL is 36 mgs/dl and LDL is 149 mg/dl as tested on August 14.
      Blood Urea was 58 mg/dl on August 15.
      My salt intake is bare minimum, sugar is zero in my diet. I drink black tea without sugar.
      As per the dictate of the 7th. Holy Infallible Imam Moosa al Kazim (AHS), I can take dried prunes for BP but with my above readings and the fear of potassium getting increased, what do I do ?
      Please advise …..
      H.I. Moulana Ali Shahid.

  15. As Salam-o-Alekum My name is Syed Waqar Ali Rizvi from Karachi, I am having Shytica pain for last 6 month and I have applied all the medium of medication such as allopathy, Physiotherapy, ayurvedy, etc but all in vain, they have lessened my pain a bit but the pain is still there, would you please be prescribe me something from Tib-e-Masoomeen or something which can cure my pain. my ID is vicky5632@hotmail.com

  16. Jamel naqvi says:

    Salam you are doing great job this is sawab-e – jariya iam in us and have bp and diabetes , I want to know it is cure able , doctors says it is not, do you have any patient of yourself who got cure from tebamasoomeen. I am not saying they are wrong.

  17. Dr. Sahaib
    Please guide regarding “Shatic Vane Problem”

  18. Rizvi_India says:

    Salaam Alaikum Zaair Sahab,

    Mashallah, you are servicing the community and humanity as a whole. Maula k sadqey mey aapko aur aapki family ko aur taraqqi aur kamyabi hasil ho… Ameen.

    I am an overweight person, 36 years, 102 kg, with a height of 5’8″. My waist line is 45″. I want to reduce it drastically to 70-75 kg, and waist line to 34″. Please suggest me some remedies. I am currently using Nat Phos 6x, thrice a day, 3 tablets – brandless.

    I am also suffering from hypertension and high BP. 190/110, which in extreme situations goes upto 220/140. At times, I have fainted when it reached 240/150. I am taking allopathic medicine COVANCE – D, and LOSAKIND-H. I want to get rid of this problem also, and Inshallah will try the PRUNES therapy suggested in this blog. Along with this you may suggest some homeopathic medicines to me too.

    I am looking forward for your reply.

    Iltemas -e-dua,

    Khuda Hafiz.

  19. Zehra Ali says:

    I have gall bladder stones as detected by an Ultrasound done in May, with size of one being 10 mm. and the other of 7 mm. This was done on April 05, 2014.
    There is conctant pain near right ribs from rear to side.
    The Report says that liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, urinary bladder, uterus and ovaries are well and functioning properly.
    Please advise. Thanks.

  20. Baqir Muhamad says:

    Assalamua’laikum Dr Zaair Hussain.
    May Allah reward you for your generous contributions to the ummah, InsyaAllah.

    I have several queries and would like to request your kind assistance in this matter.

    I have a 78 years old mother . Alhamdulillah, she has been able to do her daily chores and ibadah. Only as of late she has not been eating well. She spends more time resting in bed. She has been on the prescribed medicine for Hypertension for the past 2 years now. She complaints of experiencing sometimes ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ feet.

    From your experience and knowledge, with regards to the Islamic Medicine, what are the best food to prepare for her in order to regain her energy, overcome the ‘hot and cold’ feet.
    Are there certain kinds of food that should be absolutely avoided by her.

    Thanking you for your kind support and advice.

  21. Nydia says:

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  22. Danish says:


    Dear doc,

    I am a BP patient for the past 6 years. I am on allopathy and homeopathy medication.
    while i believe this has helped me I am still struggling to bring my readings in normal range. I stay around 100/150… Feel very fatigued and tired. I do not drink, do exercise a couple of times per week and sodium content is minimal and dining out is also very minimal. Lately it has started to affect my vision as well. Need some rapidly remedy doctor sahib. Please help in light of knowledge from our beloved Prophet and the 14 infallibles.

    Can u please assist me. You have my email.

    Jazakallah for your assistance. May ALLAH bless you both in this world and the hereafter.


  23. Danish says:

    Dear Dr.sahib,

    I am waiting for your reply.



  24. Devesh says:

    Dear Dr
    I am consuming 5 black prunes everyday as mentioned in your article since last 5months and my BP is coming to normal.I am really thankful to you for this wonderful remedy.God bless you in all respect.
    Sir,it is understood that dried prunes contains lot of oxalate which can create stones and also understood that its high content of potasium may damage the kidney functioning.
    Is it true.Is it also advisable to consume lifelong???????
    Sir,we shall await your most valuable reply.

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